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This woolen summer looks so warm, light and airy. Wool fibers allow creating gentle watercolor blends of the background and vibrant rich colors of the meadow grass in the picture. Feel the atmosphere of a summer meadow with delicate scent of flowers. Frame the finished picture using standard A5 frame.


Country of origin:Russia
Brand: Woolla
Product name: A Piece of Summer
Article: WA-0101
Manufacturer : LTD PANNA
Our manufacturing : yes
Recommended age : older 8 years
Package type : Cardboard reinforced header Euroslot hanging
Leonardo Promotional event : 06 (June)
Product: Picture
Technique: Painting with Wool
Size of the finished work: 21 x 15 cm
The kit includes: vlieseline "Gamma", felting wool (100% wool), plastic stencil, detailed instruction with pictures, tweezers, sewing pattern
Instructions: EN
Average rating: 5+
Number of ratings: 11
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16.05.2020, 15:36
I just purchased this one , the instructions are not in English . Is there a way to get them in English . Thank you