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Keep fit!
Health properties of wool.
As demonstrated by the scientists, healing properties of sheep wool are unique. After a series of studies they have come to the following conclusion: "Sheep wool can kill the pain. This property is based on five mutually reinforcing elements:
chemical, electrostatic, massage, warming and dewatering.
CHEMICAL EFFECT: wool contains lanoline, a special substance included in all antiallergic and anti-inflammatory drugs, which aid to healing of wounds and fractures. Sheep wool contains more lanoline compared to wool of other animals. It is thanks to lanoline that the wool fibers directly affect the skin receptors and speed up the cell regeneration processes. This effect is beneficial for people with arthritis.
ELECTROSTATIC EFFECT: during the work wool fibers rub against each other and create electrostatic field, which has healthy influence on humans and provides strong therapeutic effect.
MASSAGE EFFECT: wool fibers contact with skin directly, thus providing micromassage increasing the microcirculation of blood.
WARMING EFFECT: wool has very complex structure consisting of porous cells with lots of air spaces. This gives the wool unique thermal-insulating properties, as well as makes it soft and light, which is a huge advantage over other materials.
DEWATERING EFFECT: sheep wool is capable of adsorbing 33% of water (by comparison, cotton adsorbs 8%, synthetics - 0%) and evaporates it perfectly while staying dry. Such warm heat is a perfect therapy of lymphatic adenitis and rheumatic joint pains.
Sheep wool has no allergenic or skin irritating effect. Sheep wool is capable of ceasing the effect of toxins on human body. This health properties have been observed since the age of Hippocrates.
Wool is very elastic, it stays clean for a good while thanks to flake structure of its fibers; it is air-permeable and air-retaining thanks to twist of fibers. Sheep wool contains no microbes and hazardous microorganisms.
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